Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flowers for You!

These photos are a few months old... but here's sharing them with you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frogs on Exhibit @ MOS

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Welcome Sunshine!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Autumn Leaves Collection 2008

Bring them out crayons
Color them leaves
A girl from the tropics
Finds out
That rainbows
Grow on trees


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PAGTA Acquaintance and Induction Party 2007

Here are some photos from the July 29, 2007 Paggawisan Tako Am-in (PAGTA) Induction and Acquaintance Party. It took me two days to post these pictures here (Hurrah Smart Bro. Sigh).

Let the dancing begin. It's nice to see young Baguio bred Cordillerans still know how to do the Ballangbang (Oh and they can do a good Boogie too). It's a relief, actually.

We share a history here. Three presidents (two former and one current -- guess who) and one former PAGTA secretary (two terms at that) pose for posterity.

*PAGTA Presidents through the YEARS...*

1978-1979 = Lita Jane Killip (New York,US)
1979-1980 = Lita Jane Killip (New York,US)
1980-1981 = Greg Abalos Jr. (La Trinidad, Benguet)
1981-1982 = Samuel Sicwaten (US)
1982-1983 =
1983-1984 =
1984-1985 =
1985-1986 =
1986-1987 =
1987-1988 =
1988-1989 =
1989-1990 =
1990-1991 =
1991-1992 =
1993-1994 =
1994-1995 = Ronald Kimakim
1995-1996 = Corazon "Ngitit" Sepulchre (La Trinidad)
1996-1997 = Joebel Gurang (Study Leave, US)
1997-1998 = Eleonor T. Baldo (Thinklab Solutions, Inc., Baguio City)
1998-1999 1st Sem = Marissa Maguide (USAID, UC, Baguio )
1998-1999 2nd Sem = Edward Kiser
1999-2000 = Sarah Cadiogan (Mountain Province)
2000-2001 = Erik Donn Ignacio (UC Law, Baguio)
2001-2002 = Sarah Dekdeken (CPA, Baguio)
2002-2003 = Rosalinda Suyam (Chestcore, Abra/Baguio)
2003-2004 = Ria Germaine Balabag (currently GP in Ifugao)
2004-2005 = Blandina Kalang-ad (still enrolled in UPB)
2005-2006 = Roxanne Badongen (still enrolled in UPB)
2007-2008 = Emmanuel Tilagen (still enrolled in UPB)

The newly elected set of PAGTA officers for school year 2007-2008 were inducted by the guest speaker.

PAGTA Officers for 2007-2008

President: Emmanuel Tilagen
(External) Vice President: Ivan Torafing
Secretariat Committee Head: Mara Clemente
Finance Committee Head: Volkman Bandao
Operations Committee Head: Meg-ay Daupan
Sports Committee Head: Kryssa Balangcod
Socio-Cultural, Research, (Academic)
Publications Committee Head: Jay Guendolyn Bisaya

The PAGTA Induction and Aquaintance Party was conducted on July 29, 2007 at the University of the Philippines Baguio Bulwagang Juan Luna Hall. PAGTA co-founder and former PAGTA president, Mr. Greg Abalos graciously shared valuable historical snippets of PAGTA and responded to questions from the group.

Mr. Abalos shared this in the mail:

the president before me for two terms was Lita Jane
Killip of Sagada. after me was Samuel Sicwaten. they
are both based in the States now.. Pagta was founded
sometime first semester of school year 1978-79 between
the months of August and October..


And Mr. Clayton Dawang (another founding member) added:

Here's what I remember. During Sammy Sicwaten's term,
Diman Felipe was elected Vice Chairman of the Student
Council, Ferdinand Dacanay and Alex Padaen were
elected student Reps. Ruben Tinda-an was the ROTC
Commandant. I think Sammy was also the editor of the
student newsletter. Pagta was a potent force on
campus. Most students thought Pagta was a
fraternity/sorority. EAP was started at that
time...further boosting Pagta membership. Ask Jimmy
Fong, his memory I'm sure is much better than mine.
If you could corner Gregg Abalos, he does not forget
anything. Anyway, Diman is now a Veterinarian in
Florida, Ferdie is somewhere in the US, California I
think and Alex I believe is a lawyer practicing in the
Metro Manila area. Sam is in New York. Ruben is in
La Trinidad.

Manong Clayton

And by the way, here's a great Cordilleran Blog you can bookmark.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Hi Vida,
You wanted to have this photo emailed to you. Sorry it took me long. Been busy. God bless!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kimshel Album 1